Security and Privacy

Unless you've been living on Mars for the past 15 years, you know that dealing with viruses, Trojan Horse programs and other assorted Malware nasties have become a fact of life for everyone. Unfortunately, FAR too many small businesses and home users level of protection is substandard. In a recent survey, we found that far too many home users and many small businesses didn't have a firewall or any virus protection on their machine whatsoever, or had out-of-date software that wouldn't stop anything created in the past year! These people's machines are a dead cow on a sunbaked plain with the vultures wheeling overhead, prime targets for Crackers bent on anything from stealing your identity to turning your machine into a "zombie" used for a denial of service attack. And wireless networking? Oh, my:

Unsecured WIFI systems are about as secure as a bank bag of money on a bus stop bench at 4 AM. In a recent experiment, a few "war drivers" drove around their neighborhood equipped with a laptop, wirelss networking software and hardware, etc, etc. They were able to log onto the Net five separate times in a 10-square block area through someone else's unencrypted wireless system. Frequently, systems were found that had obsolete and outdated security protocols that are easily cracked today. Moral: unless you know that your system is encrypted and configured properly, wireless networking is a Crackers' dream come true.

Now, as far as privacy goes, there are so many pieces of stealth software out there that compromise your privacy every time you get on the Net, it's become a scandal. There are, we hate to report, companies out there who plant little apps and routines in your system right along with the software you thought you were installing that do everything from "phone home" to report on your Net surfing habits to making a list of your hardware and software, and sending it back to THEM. Here at Moonlight Systems we detest these creatures, and will do eveything possible to make sure your machines have the maximum amount of privacy possible. There is one caveat though:

An old philosopher we used to know said that, "It was all right to be ignorant back in a previous era; today, you really have to work at it!" This describes the state far too many users float around in! Now, while no one expects the casual user be on top of every threat that surfaces every day, users should AT LEAST know that they need security, no matter what sort of system they're running.

Unfortunately, once awakened from this slumber, they plow into the software industry's blizzard of bewildering products, some free, some expensive, and some just completely "kludge-kode"; this leads the average user down the garden path once again: "Just install our one-size-fits-all expensive, fuzzy, cuddly and warm software, and you'll never, ever be bothered by nasty viruses, hackers, spyware and malware ever again!"


In case after case, we've seen viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and other nasties slip right by some very well-known and expensive software. Price is no guarantee, the size of the company is no guarantee, and name-brands aren't either. Want to get the best solution for your security issues without hype, inflated claims and a busted budget? Call us! We know what works and what doesn't!

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