The "Mannikin Mee" Project

We are excellent at animating the human figure. Don't let the little blockhead on the right fool you; we rendered him in his present form to illustrate the universality of his applications in our hands. We can render human animations and 3D poses in any permutation of human activity imaginable. Ford and Boeing have been using this technolgy with remarkable results. Now, you can too!

Figures can be rendered as full 3D animations, 3D still "walk-around" poses, or 2D still poses. Figures can be rendered as male, female, child, mannequin, skeletal, nude, stick figure, underweight, overweight, muscular, skinny, and in a variety of clothing, such as casual, business, sports, etc. A huge collection of props is also available, giving the figures a wide range of activities, situations and poses.

Click on the prism to see an example movie clip! (Please note: As this is an human motion analysis, you won't see the bowling ball.)
  • File size: 141KB
  • Format: MPEG
  • Activity Analysis: Bowling

(For an uncompressed, but larger AVI version, click here.)


In short, if a human being does it, we can animate or illustrate it. The possibilities are endless.

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