Cheryl Robertson also has considerable ability as a Graphic Artist. With lifelong experience in traditional mediums such as watercolors, oils and acrylics, Cheryl became enamored of the possibilities of computer generated art in the late 1980's, and embraced it while retaining her love of traditional mediums. A great deal of her work seen here (viewing instructions below), which ranges from the long-established mellow beauty of the Impressionist, to the outrageously intuitive Abstract, is created using digital media and tools. Cheryl has had winning entries in two different categories at the California Computer Expo's Computer Art Contest two years in a row. She sells locally, nationally and internationally.

Three years in a row Cheryl has won awards for her work; in December, 2011, and November, 2012, Cheryl won 3rd prize in the "Digital Art" category at the Off-Track Gallery in Encinitas, CA. She won 2nd Prize for "Fine Art in Oils" in May of 2013 as well. Her CG work "Spirits Meet/The Walk" was also chosen for inclusion in the "2nd Annual Colorful Abstractions" event in October 2016 hosted by the Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA. Some thumbnails below:

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She also had her work displayed in June, 2012 in the "Art Takes Times Square" event in New York City!

Unfortunately the host site we used to display her work on morphed into something unusable, and the governing body does not seem to have their act together. (7/1/18). Here's a temporary directory until we find a suitable on-line venue; email us for the password. Click here: Art2

If you want to see some earlier work, you'll also need a password to her earlier secure directory; just email us for it as well.

Archival Imaging

Archival photo restoration is one of our serious interests. As a picture says more than a thousand words, we'll let them do the talking: (crops/border are per client request)

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